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  • View Weingut Oliver Zeter
    Weingut Oliver Zeter 4.8/5 (110)Pfalz, Germany

    We have carefully renovated a charming and characterful building which is the perfect location for fine wine & dine events and themed wine tastings.

  • View Weingut P.Stettler-Söhne
    Weingut P.Stettler-Söhne 4.7/5 (170)Mosel, Germany

    The basis of our family winery & hotel, founded in 1649, is our love of wine and our efforts to produce the best wines year after year.

  • View Weingut Alte Grafschaft
    Weingut Alte Grafschaft 4.8/5 (53)Bayern, Germany

    Wineproduction since 1594, located in Franconia on the Border to Baden. Handmade Wines from very old Vineyards

  • View Schloss Johannisberger
    Schloss Johannisberger 4.5/5 (2322)Rheingau, Germany

    The first Riesling winery in the world.

  • View Weingut Mönchhof
    Weingut Mönchhof 4.7/5 (93)Mosel, Germany

    100% Riesling since 1804

  • View Georg Breuer
    Georg Breuer 4.7/5 (84)Rheingau, Germany

    The estate, founded in 1880, has been owned by the Breuer family since the beginning of the 20th century. Our vinotheque is open all year!

  • View S. A. Prüm
    S. A. Prüm 4.7/5 (35)Mosel, Germany

    Enjoy a Riesling!

  • View Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl
    Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl 4.4/5 (89)Pfalz, Germany

    A family-owned organic winery for over 150 years, producing grapes from the best Deidesheim and Forster sites!

  • View Weingut Gustavshof
    Weingut Gustavshof 4.5/5 (30)Rheinhessen, Germany


  • View Dominikaner Weingut C. von Nell-Breuning
    Dominikaner Weingut C. von Nell-Breuning 4.9/5 (18)Moselle Valley, Germany

    Since 1670. Dr Carmen von Nell-Breuning is the 11th generation wine-maker in her family. Specialising in hand-crafted fine Riesling wines.

  • View Jean Stodden
    Jean Stodden 4.7/5 (18)Ahr Valley, Germany

    The Stodden family in the Ahr Valley has been committed to viticulture since 1578.

  • View Weingut Hanewald-Schwerdt
    Weingut Hanewald-Schwerdt 4.6/5 (25)Pfalz, Germany

    Estate with small guesthouse in the hills of Bad Dürkheim & aparmtents in the City of Bad Dürkheim

  • View Louis Guntrum
    Louis Guntrum 4.5/5 (18)Rheinhessen, Germany

    Enjoy world-class Riesling in the most pristine location along the Rhein River - Nierstein!

  • View Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler
    Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler 5/5 (13)Baden, Germany

    Certifeid organic and free dynamic winemaker in southern Germany

  • View Weingut Familie Rauen
    Weingut Familie Rauen 5/5 (13)Mosel, Germany

    The Rauen family is a traditional company. We have been living on viticulture for many generations. Discover the diverse and exquisite world of wine.

  • View Weingut Rinke / Rinke Weine
    Weingut Rinke / Rinke Weine 4.8/5 (6)Mosel, Germany

    One of the outstanding new wineries in Germany - minimal intervention wines from steep slopes

  • View Weingut Bibo Runge
    Weingut Bibo Runge 4.5/5 (10)Rheingau, Germany

    REVOLUZZER wines from the Rheingau

  • View Weingut H. Gindorf
    Weingut H. Gindorf 0/5 (0)Mosel, Germany

    Wine is bottled poetry - Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson