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  • View Lacerta Winery
    Lacerta Winery 4.9/5 (227)Dealu Mare, Romania

    Built in 1901 and completely redecorated in 2005. Taste a glass of noble wine and admire one of Romania’s most beautiful wine estates.

  • View Budureasca
    Budureasca 4.8/5 (131)DOC Dealu Mare, Romania

    In the heart of the Dealu Mare vineyard, in an oasis of peace, rise the sunny hills of the Budureasca vineyards

  • View Rasova Winery
    Rasova Winery 4.8/5 (279)Murfatlar, Romania

    It will be like once upon a time! This is the way the stories that we believe in begin.

  • View S.C.Cotnari S.A.
    S.C.Cotnari S.A. 4.8/5 (37)The viticultural region of the Moldavian Plateau, Romania

    The COTNARI company is the heart of the Cotnari vineyard since 1948.

  • View Cotnari Wine House
    Cotnari Wine House 4.8/5 (37)The viticultural region of the Moldavian Plateau, Romania

    We inherit a name.We inherit history. We inherit success and faith. We inherit the terroir. We inherit the secrets of wine…