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When on holiday in a French wine region a few years ago, Will wanted to find a winery for a tasting, a tour or possibly a lunch with friends. 
It took him forever to find a wine experience at a winery and this got him thinking ... fast forward a few years and VIND was born. Rhyming with 'find', VIND is a platform to find and experience wineries all over the world.

VIND is a platform for helping you find and experience the world's best wineries. Experiencing local cultures through food and wine is what makes travelling so special. Whether you're looking for a rustic vineyard experience, hoping to discover incredible accommodation, or wanting to immerse yourself in an epicurean experience, VIND will show you the way.

Our aim is to help connect you to the world's best vineyards and wines. 

We've spent lots of face-to-face time with wineries and winemakers all over the world and the same problem kept coming up for these wineries. They struggled to find a seamless and cost-effective solution for capturing sales from tourists, while they are physically there, in the moment. That is how VIND Shop was born; VIND helps wineries sell to their overseas customers via QR codes at the wineries and the data allows the wineries to stay connected with those consumers. For the tourist, VIND Shop offers the ability to support their favourite wineries and buy their wines through our shop.

The VIND Team 

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How do I book accommodation or an experience?

As a user you can click through to the winery's website from their VIND page, where you can book directly through their booking system. Some wineries may just require an email or phone call to make a booking. No commission or fees are taken by VIND and you will have direct contact with the wineries and therefore the best rates.

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As a winery how do I join VIND?

VIND is free to join. You can sign up here and follow the emailed instructions. 

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How does VIND shop work?

VIND shop connects with retailers in various countries across the world, allowing consumers to easily find the wine they are looking for. We work with the winery and importer to ensure the best quality and service possible. 

What To Expect


Wake up in the Adelaide Hills, go walking along lakes and up glaciers in Queenstown and relax by the pool in Sicily. Fully immerse yourself in a winery and a lifestyle by staying there!


Indulge in cheese from Provence and truffles from Tuscany. Go to a 7 course tasting menu in South Africa and eat Argentinian steak with your Malbec. The best way to experience many wineries is with their food!

Tastings and Tours

See the process of making Champagne, understand how to create port in Porto and sit out in the Californian sun trying different grape varieties. Get to know a winery and the magic behind their wine!

1059 wineries worldwide

Whether you want to find your local vineyard, discover incredible wineries on your travels or immerse yourself in an epicurean experience, VIND will show you the way.

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