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  • View Petrič Winery
    Petrič Winery 5/5 (129)Vipava valley, Slovenia

    Natural Slovenian - Vipava valley wines

  • View Doppler Winery
    Doppler Winery 4.8/5 (132)štajerska, Slovenia

    House of wine Doppler is located at 380 meters above sea level and your heart will sing, when you will visit us.

  • View Kabaj
    Kabaj 4.7/5 (188)Brda, Slovenia

    Orange wine producer from Slovenia.

  • View Vino Gaube
    Vino Gaube 4.9/5 (79)ŠTAJERSKA SLOVENIJA, Slovenia
  • View Klet Brda
    Klet Brda 4.6/5 (224)Brda, Slovenia

    Discover Klet Brda, the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian wine, opt for the prestigious de Baguer wine cellar for a unique experience.

  • View Vinska klet Colnar
    Vinska klet Colnar 4.8/5 (80)Dolenjska, Slovenia

    Family run wine cellar with long history of winemaking situated in the heart of Dolenjska region.

  • View Kmetija Štekar
    Kmetija Štekar 4.8/5 (85)Brda, Slovenia

    natural wines and farmstay

  • View Vina Povh
    Vina Povh 4.8/5 (47)Vipava Valley, Slovenia

    Wines fraught with tradition and ​expertise ...Every day, everything is different, but surely authentic​

  • View Krško Wine Cellar
    Krško Wine Cellar 4.9/5 (19)Krsko, Slovenia

    In our charming castle ambience where tradition and contemporary time walk hand in hand, visitors can enjoy guided cellar tours and wine tastings.

  • View Renčel Boutique Wine
    Renčel Boutique Wine 4.7/5 (19)Slovenia

    This land means Karst soil, meaning its weight, its thirst, its fertility, signifies the impression of its soul in a glass of wine