Schloss Johannisberger

The first Riesling winery in the world.

About the winery
Schloss Johannisberg is the first Riesling winery in the world Wine has been cultivated at Schloss Johannisberg for 1200 years, exclusively Riesling since 1720. This is the birthplace of one of the oldest and noblest grape varieties in the world. The long history of Schloss Johannisberg brims with passion, responsibility and pride allowing the production of outstanding Riesling and inspiring people to make it. Fifty hectares, facing exactly south. A quartzite hill in front of the Taunus mountains. With an inclination of 45 degrees, the mountain extends up to 182 metres above sea level and offers the grapes perfect sunshine. The Schloss Johannisberg terroir combined with our passion for top quality form the foundations for exceptional wines! Schloss Johannisberg’s vineyard is located right on the 50th parallel north. The large differences between temperatures during the day and at night are particularly beneficial for promoting the aromatic and taste components of the grapes.

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History & Geography
1200 years of wine growing history 817: First documented mention of the Johannisberg vineyards. Emperor Ludwig the Pious acquires vineyards on the Helisa stream, today’s Elsterbach, from Fulda Abbey. 1100: Foundation of the Benedictine monastery at the Johannisberg site. 1130: The name Johannisberg is born. The monastery becomes an independent abbey and consecrates the high altar to John the Baptist. The German name means St. John’s hill. 1716: Construction of the palace by price abbot of Fulda commences on 20 June to take the place of the monastery ruins caused by this turbulent period. 1720: The entire domain is planted with Riesling. The first closed Riesling vineyard in the world is created. 1775: By chance, “Spätlese” is created as a new wine style at Schloss Johannisberg. 1816: On 1 July, Emperor Franz I of Austria presented Schloss Johannisberg to his Foreign Minister Prince von Metternich in recognition of his achievements at the Congress of Vienna.
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