Casa De Vilacetinho

Winery established in 1790 producing the unique regional Avesso wines

About the winery
Casa de Vilacetinho, of 1790, was one of the first producers of the Vinhos Verdes region. Today it continues to honour its legacy of producing high quality wines. The varietal Avesso, simultaneously one of the most emblematic and challenging of the Vinhos Verdes region, is the base of the wines here at Casa de Vilacetinho, which can be described by their character, balance and elegant style. With a young and fresh profile, the wines adapt to any moment. The vines take their personality from the land where they were planted, and of the conditions to which they are exposed. Here at Casa de Vilacetinho, the unique terroir leaves its mark in our vineyards. These conditions, which have developed for many centuries, bestow depthness and character to our grapes. Currently the vineyards cover an area of 30 hectares, which develop in a slight declining south-facing slope. In a continuous and ordered manner, they adopt the single cordon.

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Wines produced
Casa de Vilacetinho
Grape varieties
Alvarinho, Arinto
History & Geography
The history of Casa de Vilacetinho is somewhat intertwined with the history of the Vinhos Verdes. Located in Alpendurada, part of Marco de Canavezes, it’s one of the oldest brands of the region, adding important milestones to the history of Portuguese wines. Going back in time, Vilacetinho could be considered a giant when compared to the sizes of other properties in the Douro region, due to unification of 2 large estates, which were originally part of the Benedictine Monastery of Alpendurada. In that time, it was little more that 100 hectares of agricultural land, in a plane right next to the river Douro – a kind of latifundia in a region characterized by smallholdings. The property’s ex-libris was the elegant Casa (house) of Vilacetinho, a manor house of the XVII and XVIII century, surrounded by an erudite garden that separates the house from the vineyards. The Vilacetinho estate due to its size and exceptional agricultural characteristics, is therefore a unique property in the con
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