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About the winery
Only stainless-steel and concrete tanks are used, where spontaneous fermentation takes place with no temperature control and no use of sulfites except, and only if absolutely necessary, at bottling. Only indigenous varietals are grown: Vermentino, Pascale, Moscato di Sennori, Monica, and of course, Cannonau. At the heart of Dettori’s production are three Cannonau crus: Tuderi is a rich, spicy wine from 50-year-old vines; the more complex and elegant Tenores comes from an 80-year-old site, and the Dettori bottling is a rustic wine with a tinge of sweetness, reminiscent of Amarone, made from vines planted on their own roots in 1883. Dettori is so committed to complete transparent authenticity, that Alessandro chooses to “de-classify” his wines from DOC status, in order to give the wine drinker a clearer picture of where his grapes are grown- within the IGT Romangia zone.

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Wines produced
Renosu, Dettori bianco, Tuderi, Tenores, Dettori rosso
Grape varieties
Moscato, VermentinoCannonau
History & Geography
Tenute Dettori is an artisanal winery tied to its territory, Badde Nigosolu within the IGT subzone of Romangia, Sardinia. Here, wine has been made for centuries, and many of Dettori vines are over 100 years of age. Winemaker Alessandro Dettori is one of the most passionate and influential figures in the Italian wine community; committed to producing purely natural wines from his little plot of Badde Nigolosu. Fanatical about biodynamics and natural practices, Alessandro’s estate was one of the first to receive the prestigious Demeter certification in Italy, an award that very few in the country have acheived. “We feel the need and the responsibility to hand down to future generations a fertile, healthy earth, and the only way to preserve this patrimony is to exclude every chemical substance”.
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