Domaine du Closel - Château des Vaults

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About the winery
Domaine du Closel estate benefits from Savennières three terroir types : the schale hillside, the schale-sandstone plateau and the coulées (schist and volcanic stones). The coteaux (hillsides) are the vineyards for our wine La Jalousie. Our plateau vineyard is called Les Caillardières and our coulee vineyard : Le Clos du Papillon. Our estate covers 16 ha. The singularity of our wines is based on the different terroirs but also on the harvest date carefully chosen for each vineyard, which is the signature of the winemaker. We are craftswomen of the landscape of Savennières, we are responsible for it, it is the landscape which dictates to us our line of conduct, that of the respect of the biodiversity. We have been producing certified organic wines with biodynamic practices since 2015 and we were accepted as member of the prestigious European Biodyvin association in 2017.

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Loire Valley

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Loire Valley
Wines produced
Savennières - La Jalousie - Dry white wine, Savennières - Les Caillardières - Dry white wine, Clos du papillon - Dry white wine, Anjou Rouge - Une Emotion - Cabernet franc wine, Belle Dame - Dry white wine, Demoiselle aux yeux d'or - Sparkling white wine, Rosalia - Cabernet sauvignon wine, Eau de pluie - half dry white wine
Grape varieties
Chenin Blanc, VerdelhoCabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
History & Geography
The Seigneurie des Vaults was founded in 1495, with a manor, a vineyard, an orchard and a garden. Subsequently, Seigneur des Vaults’ estate passed into the hands of various bourgeois of Angers and the Nantes shipowner: Antoine Walsh, Count of Serrant. The estate was bought in 1850 by François Claude Fourmond Desmazières, a Parisian banker, who transformed it by enlarging the 16/17th century manor and buying the land along the Boire to create the actual park. His only daughter Louise will leave the property to her husband’s best friend, the Marquis de Las Cases for his daughter: Marque de Las Cases who will become Madame du Closel (which became the name of the company). Since that day, Château des Vaults, its landscape and its vineyard are managed by the descendants of the Marquis de Las Cases: a line of winemakers. The property is currently managed by a member of the family owner Evelyne de Pontbriand.
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