Herrenhof Lamprecht

Come to the Herrenhof, ask for a guided tour of the vineyards and discover the special features of this vineyard, which makes the wine so authentic.

About the winery
The vineyard is the soul of the wine, which is why we cultivate it according to certified organic guidelines . Without artificial fertilizers, herbicides or synthetic pesticides. Because that is exactly what would disturb the vineyard habitat and bring it off balance. My vineyard, on the other hand, is alive, colorful thanks to a wide variety of herbs, it is a diverse ecosystem in which billions of small creatures cavort. Do you fancy a grape variety hike ? Then you should definitely be there from August or September 2017 when we visit the White, Red or even Blue Heunisch, the Adelfränkisch or White Orléans, which grow here, only here and nowhere else in this combination, after they unfortunately have disappeared over the centuries.

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History & Geography
The HERRENHOF and viticulture? Clearly, they belong together! The canons of Vorau Abbey, the first owners who gave the farm its name, cultivated large vineyards and farmed here. At the end of the 19th century, however, viticulture came to a standstill due to several changes of ownership. But today I feel obliged again, together with my parents, to replant old sunny slopes with vines. I would like to invite you to our home to get to know the special features of the square on which the courtyard is located. Over a glass of wine in our old wine cellar, I would be happy to explain the history, current and future projects of the farm, more precisely!
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