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  • The Borbély Family Winery was re-established in 1996, from father to son, based on several generations of family wine-growing and winemaking ...

  • „The great wines of the Gere winery remain unchanged. Kopar is Kopar, it is not affected by changing trends. We follow trends only in technology.”

  • Journey through the cellars and experience the 135 year old history from the origins when Jozsef Törley brought Champagne grapes to Hungary

  • 1000 years at present - Visit the millennary Benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma with its state-of-art winery and many attractions more...

  • We believe natural is the best. We only put three ingredients in our wines; our heart, our soul and grape.

  • We strive to preserve as best as possible both the appearance and soils of this exceptional land for future generations.” Károly Barta

  • HOLDVÖLGYTokaj, Hungary

    Taking forward the Tokaj dream in the heart of the historic region.

  • Etyeki Kúria WineryFejér, Hungary

    Discover our state of the art winery, and enjoy our excellent wines in the wine garden of Budapest

  • Kvaszinger WineryBorsod county, Tokaj region, Hungary

    Preserving traditions and the values ​​of nature, using modern technology, we make wines with a unique taste on the Tokaj foothills.

  • Bock EstateVillány Wine Region, Hungary

    The Bock family has been growing vines and producing wine in the Villány wine region since 1850.

  • Csányi PincészetVillány, Hungary

    Csányi Winery in Villány has been committed to wine making since 1881. Join us for a glass of new taste.

  • Haraszthy VineyardsFejér, Hungary

    New tastes of tradition - Haraszthy Vineyards & Matador restaurant

  • Vida Péter, SzekszárdTolna, Hungary

    Our goal is to promote the idea that the genuine Szekszárd wines are the ones which are elegant and welcoming.

  • Koch Winery Hungary

  • Zsirai Winery Hungary